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BT: Appleton is reconnected after 15 days! Appleton News Release

28th February 2015: Our MP, Nicola Blackwood, has done some good work for us behind the scenes since she was alerted by us on Tuesday 24th February

Kevin Fouhy passes away

28th February 2015: It is with great sadness it was learnt this morning that Kevin Fouhy passed away peacefully at Cransley Hospice in Northamptons

BT: Update - Are you connected again?

27th February 2015: Susan Sternberg reports: "Hooray. We're back in the 21st Century in our household in Eaton Road.

Easter Egg Hunt 2015: An appeal!

22nd February 2015: A message from Rachel & Barry Knight: "It is that time of year again when we find ourselves organising the annual Easter Eg

Garage break in Eaton Road

19th February 2015: It has been reported that there was a garage broken into last night in Eaton Road (a garage near the Eaton Straight-end of Eato

Sign petition to save rural communities councils

21st January 2015: Appleton has benefitted enormously over the years from financial and, even more valuably, advice from the Oxford Rural Communiti

Ensure you are registered to vote!

10th January 2015: Voter registration changed in December 2014 and the new procedure is that each individual has to register rather than