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5th February 2014: Update. Many thanks! The magazines have been refreshed. Many thanks for the contributions. 30th January 2014: Magazines for the Appleton Village Hall Surgery Waiting Room! The magazines currently in the Appleton Village Hall Surgery are seriously out of date! It would be much appreciated if recent magazines that are no longer of interest could be left either in a box in the Appleton Community Shop or on the table in the waiting room (open on Wednesdays between 8:30am and 11:30am). All types of magazines welcomed including children's magazines and comics. 


January 2014: Read the Malthouse Surgery Newsletter see Malthouse Newsletter January 2014


Malthouse Surgery in the Appleton Village Hall -

by appointment only for non-emergency and routine appointments

Wednesday mornings from 8:30am until 10:50am


...and the other good news is ... Have you ever been frustrated hanging on to the phone for seemingly hours waiting for the Malthouse to asnwer and all you want is an appointment? Check out their website go to Appoitments and fill in the form. It really does work!

Good News! If you are desperate for an appointment in the Appleton Surgery on a Wednesday, call 862885 and, provided Dr Gwatkin is not busy at the time of the call, he will answer and will often slot in an appointment for that day.


Dr Tudor Gwatkin is the Malthouse Surgery doctor responsible for patients in the parish and the surgery takes place in the surgery at the Appleton Village Hall on Wednesday mornings. The surgery is principally for non-emergency routine appointments.

All appointments at the Appleton Village surgeries are by formal appointment by telephoning in advance on 01235 468860 (the premium number 08444 773300 was disbanded on 13th Janury 2014). "Advance" means ...preferably before the day but on the day if spaces are available. There is an advantage to the booking system: you will be seen at a specific time rather than sit in the Waiting Room! The Practice Manager is David Ridgway and his telehone number is 01235 468866.


There is a telephone number which can be called during Appleton surgery time which is 01865 862885 and this number can be called to either leave a message for the doctor or, if the doctor is between appointments, you might speak directly with the doctor.

Contact details for the Malthouse:

The Malthouse
The Charter
Oxfordshire OX14 3JY
Telephone: For all calls other than prescriptions 0844 4773300 (alternative landline number 01235 468860)
Tel: For prescriptions only 0844 477 3311 (alternaive landline number 01235 468861)
Tel: Health Visitors 0844 477 3322 (alternative landline number 01235 468863)
District Nurses Tel: 0844 477 3344

The Abingdon Surgery Hours are: - The surgery is open from 8.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday (closed 12.30 - 2.00pm Fridays).

The switchboard is staffed continuously whenever the surgery is open. The best time to phone is between 1100 and 1500 hours as PBX least likely to be “busy”. To come in to Abingdon to collect items, come in late mornings or early afternoons, save Wednesdays. Please try to avoid coming in between 12 noon and 2.00pm to make appointments or to ask for results/prescriptions.

Repeat presciptions by Internet
Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by email:

Travel to destinations requiring the Yellow Fever injection? Whilst The Malthouse does not handle Yellow Fever injections, this can be done at the nearby Abingdon Surgery, 65 Stert Street, Abngdon, Oxfordshire OX14 3LB. Phone: 01235 523126 Fax 01235 550625 details on the web